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Posted 31 Jul 2001 16:52:56 UTC

Another round of worldwide protests occurred Monday in the case of arrested Russian programmer Dmitry Sklyarov. After last week's protests caused Adobe Software to drop its support for Sklyarov's prosecution, protestors are now turning their attention to the Department of Justice, which continues to prosecute the case despite Adobe's withdrawal of support.

FBI Director nominee Robert Mueller, the current US Attorney for the Northern District of California and thus the man nominally in charge of prosecuting Sklyarov, underwent confirmation hearings in Washington DC as protestors urged his acting successor, David Shapiro, to drop all charges against Sklyarov.

Approximately 150 protestors demonstrated at the Federal Building in San Francisco, the building that contains Shapiro's office. There were also about 20 people in Chicago, 35 in Minnesota, 20 in New York, 40+ in Boston, 30 in Los Angeles, and 20 in Seattle. In addition, Moscow organizers led an e-protest with a dozen participants.

Sklyarov himself has been transferred out of Las Vegas to the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City. It is expected that he will be transferred later this week to San Jose for eventual trial.

For further updates on upcoming and past protests in cities around the world, see the Free Sklyarov calendar.

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