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Posted 11 Nov 1997 00:00:00 UTC

While our website has had a number of interesting and historical items on it, nobody is more aware than we are of the fact that it isn't all it could be. Things that should be updated aren't. Things that should be included on the site simply aren't there. The financial crisis caused by our distributor is responsible for freezing a lot of our expansion since early 1997. For instance, access to archived recordings of our radio show had to be stopped simply because we didn't have the money for a new hard drive. All kinds of other annoying problems have popped up as a direct result of this problem. But the main reason why the site has not been everything we hoped it would be is the simple reason that we spend most of our time putting out the magazine. That is, after all, what we do and it remains our priority. But neither of these facts have to necessarily keep our site from expanding and becoming a whole lot better.

Where is it written that we have to put together every element and detail of this website from within our offices? The hacker world isn't centralized, so why should we be? It's a mistake we fell into and perhaps the financial crisis will actually be a good thing since it forced us to look for alternatives. Basically, what we have in mind is a site for the hacker community, run BY the hacker community and not just a handful of 2600 people. Each existing element of our site will have its own coordinator, whose job will be to keep that particular section updated. There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of other sections that could exist as well, if the people exist to maintain them. Obviously we will have a multitude of different styles existing here. That is by no means a bad thing. Hackers are not homogenous - we come from every walk of life imaginable. While you can expect not to agree with everything you see here, you can expect the basic tenet of open minds and non-destructive hacking to always be present, no matter what the subject happens to be. It will take a fair amount of work to get this new system going.

Those of you who get involved will design your section(s) on your local machines and then let us look at them before they become a part of the site. People who become regular maintainers will be given accounts on the 2600 site to do this more effectively. We should point out that this is not an easy job and only those of you who are serious about this will be involved. The purpose of this site is to provide a service and we will not deviate from the guidelines we set. If you're interested in becoming involved, please email us at webhelp@2600.com with specific ideas as to what you would like to do. Remember, you must already know how to design web pages for multiple platforms and you must have a strong interest in some aspect of the hacker world that we are not already covering, which right now is about 98% of it. We also welcome suggestions from people who just have ideas and don't necessarily know how to turn those ideas into reality. If we're able to find somebody who can make them work, we will. We're looking forward to wherever we wind up going with this. It should be fascinating.

Stay tuned.

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