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Posted 10 Dec 1997 00:00:00 UTC

We want to thank everyone for the kind words of support and offers of help that we've gotten over the past couple of weeks. We will be posting progress reports as things develop.

Here are some rather important updates:

First and, we think, most important: the new issue of 2600 was mailed to subscribers on December 10, 1997. This is the issue that should have been known as Autumn but will instead be referred to as Number Three so bookstores don't take it off the shelf the day it comes in. If you're not a subscriber, it should start appearing in bookstores over the next couple of weeks. We've worked out a deal with another distributor to get back into Barnes and Noble and all of the other chains that we've been available in should be covered as well. But....

Fine Print has gone from Chapter 11 reorganization to Chapter 7 liquidation which basically means that they are now permanently out of business. This is a great loss to zines of all sorts but at least now this won't be dragged out any longer. It does, however, mean that many independent stores that were still receiving 2600 through Fine Print will no longer be getting copies UNLESS they sign on with another distributor. If you get 2600 from a store that isn't a chain, you can help us by asking them if they were using Fine Print to receive 2600. If they were, the only way they will be able to get future copies will be if they contact a different distributor. Here are some numbers:

Desert Moon 505-474-6311
Ubiquity 718-875-5491
Armadillo 213-937-7674
Small Changes 206-382-1980

Please help out other zines in the same fashion.

Again, we want to thank everyone who has offered to help us through this crisis. If things go well, we will be out of the woods by the summer of 1998 and back on schedule no more than a year after that. We must stress that we do not want people to send donations. You can support us by buying back issues, subscriptions, and all of the merchandise described in the General Information section of our site. And of course, by spreading the word. We will get through this.

We've had dozens of people offer web services to us, mostly hosting and designing. We appreciate all of these and we're trying to coordinate what we can use and how. But what we really need are people with ideas of specific things they would like to see on our web site. For instance, some people suggested having issues of Phrack available on the web in ascii form. This would require someone to take all of those issues and get them into html format. We would then put aside a section for this and hopefully be providing a service that isn't provided anywhere else. We need more such ideas and then we can start pairing them up with the people who want to do some design.

Again, we appreciate all the support and we will continue to keep you updated on future progress.

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