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Posted 1 Feb 1998 00:00:00 UTC

Again, we want to thank everyone for all the support in these difficult times.

Here are the latest updates:

The new issue (Winter) is now finished and on its way to be printed. How long it takes to get on the stands is directly proportional to how fast and how much we can pay the people involved. Right now, we have one hell of a challenge in order to pull this off as we aren't expecting ANY distributor payments until mid March. So the only way this issue will be printed on schedule is if we raise money before then. If you want to help, the ONLY way to help us is to buy things - we don't accept donations unless we get to give you something back. And there's a lotta crap lying around here just waiting to be sold. Check our info section for full details.

When will this be over? Come July we are expecting full payment for an issue for the first time in well over a year. How much this will be is directly related to how well the issue currently on the stands sells. If it does well, we should be fully recovered by then.

Some clarifications: Despite being as up front and clear about this as we know how, people are still misreading the facts. The problems we are having were NOT caused by our publisher (we are the publishers, after all) or our printers (who are probably the most patient people in the world), but rather by one of our distributors. Read previous posts for all of the details. Second, and most importantly, we are not the ones who went bankrupt! How people are able to read that into what we've been saying is beyond us. When you go around spreading false facts like that, it causes an incredible amount of harm since people have this thing about ordering things from bankrupt organizations. We have filled every order we have received - in fact, our turnaround time has been cut in half in recent months. And, even though we are now entering the hardest part of this entire mess, only our printers and our staff have not been paid on time. Everything else is current.

We've been swamped with people who want to help out with the web site. Some projects have already been completed, such as the html versions of Phrack which are now up (apparently such a good idea that now the Phrack people are doing it themselves!) and the new Kevin Mitnick updates. This is only the beginning.

We are working on many new ideas and we would like more input and participation from anyone out there interested in helping. Among these ideas: web pages for all of the 2600 meetings around the world, maintained by people in each of the cities; quicker and more thorough coverage of hacked web sites; a "hacker wire" news service that will instantly disseminate news of interest to the hacker community; and more varied types of information from a variety of sources.

In order to do things like this, we naturally need people who are interested in gathering information and maintaining sections. Again, if you want to help out, email webhelp@2600.com and we'll get back to you if there's a project that fits what you're interested in and capable of doing.

We are also looking for a new host for the site as we seem to be outgrowing our current one. It appears that we need a minimum of a T1 for all of the traffic we're getting. Any and all help/suggestions will be welcomed.

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