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Posted 4 Jun 1998 00:00:00 UTC

On June 2, we reached a major milestone by finally getting the 2600 website transferred to our New York City office, meaning we now have complete control over its operation. Until now, it was located at a donated site which we had no control over. As a result, we had no disk space to work with since 1997 even though disks were supplied to the provider. That is the disadvantage of running off someone else's system - you cannot make changes when you need to or run things the way you really want to. That is all changed now. Look for lots of changes and expansion on our site in the weeks ahead. Your suggestions, as always, are welcome.

We are now also moving into the final (we hope) part of our financial problems. Our distributors and Barnes and Noble have been tremendously helpful in getting the new issue out and fixing mistakes of the past. By late summer we hope to be completely out of the woods. This means all of our debts will be paid and we can finally start upgrading and expanding. How quickly this happens is directly tied into how well we do on the newsstands, so please be supportive! And thanks to everyone who has sent us words of encouragement over this difficult period.

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