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Posted 10 May 1999 00:00:00 UTC

2600 has just learned of some extremely important and rather shocking developments in the Kevin Mitnick case.

It seems our little disclosure of the documents detailing the "loss" Kevin was responsible for have really gotten the government pissed off. So much so that they intend to have Kevin's lawyer held in contempt of court! There's going to be a hearing this Tuesday at 10 am to decide this. Apparently they believe that Don Randolph is going around leaking these documents which are supposed to be public information in the first place! If it comes down to it, nobody at 2600 will cooperate in any witchhunt that may ensue to find out where these "leaks" are occurring. We can say with certainty that this holds true for all the other key players who are currently helping out with the case and the movement to free Kevin. This is an unbelievable outrage.

The information contained in these documents is PUBLIC INFORMATION. The fact that these losses appear to be completely fabricated is becoming more evident with each passing day. We understand the companies involved are very upset at the publicity and the very real possibility of an SEC and possibly IRS investigation into why these numbers were never revealed to their stockholders. They now believe the government is screwing them over by dragging their names into this. But, even more shameful is the now almost indisputable allegation that these financial figures were fabricated with one purpose - to keep Kevin imprisoned without bail and without a trial for a lengthy period. While they may have succeeded in this, the revelations of the deception will finally force the prosecutors to answer some very difficult questions.

In addition to trying to hold Kevin's lawyer in contempt, the feds are now also trying to keep any future information on the case completely secret, no doubt in order to avoid any future embarrassment. We cannot allow them to get away with this. How it can even be considered legal to try and keep this information secret is beyond us. One thing is for sure - they're pissed off as hell and on the defensive. Now is the time to hit them hard with all of the questions they've managed to dodge all these years.

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