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Posted 9 Aug 1999 00:00:00 UTC

It's over, at last. Kevin Mitnick was sentenced on August 9, 1999.

The bad news is that the judge refused to consider a halfway house. According to prosecution contacts, this was because he had previously violated supervised release and because he had been a fugitive in the past. As many know, both of these "facts" have been proven to be unfounded but erasing them is as difficult as erasing the NORAD lies, even in a court of law.

The judge is recommending that he be transferred to a lower security prison, however, for the remainder of his sentence. That means sometime in early 2000 - hopefully we can calculate an exact date and plan some sort of celebration.

The other significant news is the restitution - after all the hype and figures being thrown out to the public ranging from $80 million to hundreds of millions, the total amount Kevin is going to be required to pay in damages is $4,125 plus a $350 fine to the government. And nobody on the prosecution side seemed to be upset with this. Although the judge called it a "token figure," no proof has ever been offered that he caused any significant financial damage. Ironically, had these been the figures all along, it's doubtful he ever would have been put in prison in the first place.

Finally, as for his supervised release, the extremely strict conditions of that will stand. However, the judge said that while she would not recommend any changes, his supervising officer would be able to if s/he so chose. She also said that supervising Kevin would be the most difficult task that officer would ever have to face.

Thanks go out to the many supporters who once again filled the courtroom.
As we get more details we'll post them.

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