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Posted 1 Dec 1999 00:00:00 UTC

update 12/04/99

Broadcasting live around the clock from the streets of Seattle, Studio X at 94.7 FM is doing everything from providing vital information to the demonstrators and playing tapes of the previous day's activities to having live discussions and music. All uncensored and "unauthorized" and available around the world through the net.

Massive civil unrest struck the city of Seattle on Tuesday, November 30 as protestors successfully disrupted the annual meeting of the World Trade Organization. Our weekly radio program (Off The Hook) happened to be on the air right when things started to get hot and we cut over to reporter Amy Goodman, standing in the midst of the mayhem for some very dramatic coverage. You can listen to that show here, as well as the live signals from Pacifica stations WBAI and KPFA for any updates. President Clinton is expected to try attending the meeting on Wednesday and demonstrators have vowed to disrupt this.

Web sites are popping up all over the net to keep people informed in various ways. In addition to the Independent Media Center organized by the protestors, you can listen live* to the police in Seattle as they broadcast their plans on the public airwaves. One day it may be illegal to listen to such things. (If you have the means to record this, it would make a great souvenir.)

Last week, the FBI released this warning to various companies involved with the WTO meeting. It's already been spread all throughout the net.

In this day and age of networking, it's now possible to quickly obtain news from many different sources. While coverage from the American networks is fairly easy for most people to access, we suggest also checking sources like Canadian broadcasting (CBC), the British Broadcasting Corporation, and of course, Pacifica.

We'll continue to find unique ways people are using the net to be part of this historical event.

* Police scanner broadcast linked to pnm://real.mp.intervu.net/scannerlive_sea

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