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Posted 13 Jan 2000 00:00:00 UTC

The following is a list of locations where we've unfortunately had to suspend selling 2600 because of more distributor problems. The simple fact is that we cannot afford to print 2600 without getting paid and we are owed for more than a year for all of the issues sold through the outlets below. We want to stress that these stores have done nothing wrong - their payments simply haven't been passed on to us from the distributor and we have to draw the line somewhere. If we get the payment we're owed or if the stores switch to another distributor, we will be available again soon in these stores.

Optic Nerve
Birmingham, AL

Atalanta's Music and Books Bisbee, AZ

Zia Record Exchange Tucson, AZ

Arena Business Center Point Arena, CA

Channel One San Jose, CA

Cody's Books, Inc. Berkeley, CA

Copperfields Petaluma, CA

Daily Planet Bookstore Hollywood, CA

Dave's Smoke Shop Berkeley, CA

DeLauer's News Agency Oakland, CA

Essential Media Venice, CA

Good News San Francisco, CA

Green Apple Books San Francisco, CA

Hennessey & Ingalls, Inc. Santa Monica, CA

Little Professor Temecula, CA

Naked Eye San Francisco, CA

Northtown Books Arcata, CA

Old Town News Hanford, CA

P.B. News San Diego, CA

Pegasus Downtown Berkeley, CA

Pendragon Books Oakland, CA

Phoenix Books San Luis Obispo, CA

Polyester Music & Books Los Angeles, CA

Printer's Ink Mountain View, CA

Printers Ink Palo Alto, CA

Valencia News Valencia, CA

Aurora Newsland Aurora, CO

Black & Read Arvada, CO

Ead's News Boulder, CO

Lakewood Newsland Lakewood, CO

McKinzey-White Booksellers Colorado Springs, CO

South Monaco Newsland Denver, CO

Westminster Newsland Westminster, CO

The Other Bookstore New Britain, CT

Between Books Claymont, DE

Bargain Books Key West, FL

Bob's News & Books Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Clark's Out of Town News Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Goerings' Book Store Gainesville, FL

Emory University Bookstore Atlanta, GA

City News & Books Cedar Rapids, IA

Prairie Lights Books Iowa City, IA

Uncle John Sioux City, ID

Barb's Oakpark, IL

Barb's Books Chicago, IL

Barbara's Books Evergreen Park, IL

Beyond The Limit Norridge, IL

Chicago Comics Chicago, IL

Quimbys Bookstore Chicago, IL

Zines + Beans - Webster Chicago, IL

Little Professor- Jefferson Fort Wayne, IN

Northside News Indianapolis, IN

Subterranean Music, Books, Fashion Fort Wayne IN

Hollywood at Home Overland Park, KS

CD Central Lexington, KY

Carmichael's Bookstore Louisville, KY

Sound Advice Music Winchester, KY

Special Media Lexington, KY

Trident Booksellers Boston, MA

Atomic Books Baltimore, MD

Curious Book Shop East Lansing, MI

Horizon Books Traverse City, MI

Hostetter's News Agency Grand Haven, MI

Paperbacks Unlimited Ferndale, MI

Record Time Roseville, MI

Schuler Books Okemos, MI

Dinkytown News Minneapolis, MN

Dream Haven Books & Comix Minneapolis, MN

Electric Fetus Music Store St. Cloud, MN

Peace Nook Columbia, MO

Vintage Vinyl St. Louis, MO

World News Limited Clayton, MO

World News Westport St. Louis, MO

Amazing Heroes Hickory, NC

Internationalist Books Chapel Hill, NC

Regulator Bookshop Durham, NC

Full Circle Records Blackwood, NJ

Montclair Book Center Montclair, NJ

Higher Grounds Coffee House Silver City, NM

R Books Los Alamos, NM

The Buzz Cedar Crest, NM

Ultrasonic Sound Rochester, NY

Books & Co. Dayton, OH

CD World, Inc. Cincinnati, OH

Cat's Impetuous Books & Stuff Kent, OH

Mac's Backs Paperbacks Cleveland Hts, OH

Wizard Records & Tapes Oxford, OH

4th Avenue Smoke Shop Portland, OR

Hungry Head Eugene, OR

Libra.Books Inc. Eugene, OR

Looking Glass Bookstore Portland, OR

Reading Frenzy Portland, OR

Avril 50 Philadelphia, PA

Doylestown Bookshop Doylestown, PA

Gallery of Sound Edwardsville, PA

Gallery of Sound Clark Summit, PA

Gallery of Sound Dickson City, PA

Saint Elmo's Books & Music Pittsburgh, PA

Slacker, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA

Wooden Shoe Books Philadelphia, PA

Yip-Roc Music Lancaster, PA

Fifty-Two Point Five Charleston, SC

Intermezzo Columbia, SC

Computer Place Fayetteville, TN

Davis-Kidd Period Memphis, TN

Xanadu Memphis, TN

AAA News Austin, TX

BDL News Houston, TX

Belknap News Ft. Worth, TX

CDX Hurst, TX

Desert Books Austin, TX

Forbidden Books Dallas, TX

Planet K (Military #52) Austin, TX

Planet K (Central #49) Austin, TX

Planet K (E. Riverside #42) Austin, TX

Planet K (East #07) Austin, TX

Planet K (North #02) Austin, TX

Planet K (Research #30) Austin, TX

Planet K (South #41) Austin, TX

Planet K (West #46) Austin, TX

Old Town News (Alexandria) Alexandria, VA

Bayside News and Books Everett, WA

Left Bank Books Seattle, WA

Newstand Bellingham, WA

Booked Solid West Allis, WI

The Den Morgantown, WV

Counter Productions ENGLAND

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