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Posted 24 Mar 2000 00:00:00 UTC

The importance of the fight against the MPAA and the DVD Copy Control Association was underlined this week with the hiring of the legal team of Frankfurt, Garbus, Klein, and Selz to represent 2600.

Martin Garbus, who will be the key lawyer on our side, has defended the likes of Lenny Bruce, Spike Lee, Samuel Beckett, Andrei Sakharov, and Vaclav Havel and is the author of "Tough Talk," published in 1998. He is a renowned First Amendment attorney and, thanks to funding from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, we have him in our court. Please show your support to the EFF for taking on this important case and help them to play a key role in whatever cases come up in the future.

We've already seen a significant development this week as we have been granted the time we need to build our defense. The court was prepared to start the trial on May 1st which is what the plaintiffs wanted. After presenting our arguments, we were given a court date of December 5th. This is a very good development for us as there is much to be prepared. An uninformed court would have been bad for all of us.

As the weeks and months progress, we will be in need of expert witnesses and testimony supporting our position. Your help and support will be invaluable as always. We will keep you updated as events progress.

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