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Posted 5 May 2000 00:00:00 UTC

A significant front page story was printed in the Village Voice which goes a long way towards getting the facts of the case out to the public. In addition, the Voice very clearly tells readers where they can obtain the source code for DeCSS. This follows last week's linking by the New York Times to a list of DeCSS mirror sites. Clearly, the tide is starting to turn and the media is beginning to see that the MPAA's spin isn't necessarily how things really are.

It's also been revealed that the MPAA is attempting to disqualify our lawyer, Martin Garbus, because of a case that allegedly ties him to a distant subsidiary of one of the film studios involved in the lawsuit. The companies behind this are so huge and all-encompassing that we doubt there are very many lawyers anywhere who wouldn't be similarly accused. But it does show us one very important thing - the opposition realizes that we have a damn good defense and they want to do everything possible to make sure we don't get the chance to bring this case to court. Our legal defense team is being paid by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. We urge you to show support by donating generously to them and expressing your appreciation for their commitment to this vital case. Solidarity has never been more important than now.

We've had an interesting week of motions and declarations. We were victorious in court as the other side attempted to keep evidence from being submitted until after the disqualification issue is settled. This decision was rendered via conference call.

A number of declarations were made by experts from all over who support our position in the case and are willing to stand up and be counted. For that, we are eternally grateful.

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