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Posted 15 Jun 2000 00:00:00 UTC

We first found out we were being sued a few hours past the end of business on the Friday of a three-day weekend. It was Jack Valenti, the president of the MPAA, who issued a press release simultaneously with the complaint. The carefully orchestrated ambush produced entirely one-sided news articles that seemed to have been written before news of the lawsuit had been made public. We were left with no opportunity to respond, let alone prepare, our defense. Meanwhile we were being demonized as evil "Internet hackers" and thieves.

Jack Valenti has since continued to make personal attacks and smear the collective image of hackers everywhere. Subsequent MPAA press releases refer to 2600 Editor-in-Chief Emmanuel Goldstein by name, and Valenti has even written an opinion piece for the Los Angeles Times in which he states:

"In the trial, the defendants no doubt can count on support from activist groups that have been seduced by the hackers' strange ideology, which equates copying and stealing software code with free speech."
These are some very serious accusations, made by a man who arguably has more power than most heads of state. Last week our attorney, Martin Garbus, interviewed Valenti in a sworn deposition. After reviewing the transcript, we find some of his past statements to have been downright irresponsible, and fear that Mr. Valenti may have been seduced by the motion picture industry's strange ideology that equates watching legally purchased movies via free, non-stolen software with theft. It would appear that not only does Jack Valenti have no idea what he's talking about, he doesn't even know who Emmanuel Goldstein is. One can only assume that he doesn't read his own press releases and some PR guy just sticks his name on phony quotes. We almost feel bad for putting the caricature of him on our shirt - the last thing we'd want to do is further abuse someone who is being exploited and manipulated. Elder abuse is a serious crime.

GARBUS: Do you know the name of the Defendant in this case?
VALENTI: I'm not sure. I'm just not sure.
GARBUS: Well, what is your best recollection of what's the Defendant's name?
VALENTI: 2600.
GARBUS: Now, does the name Goldstein mean anything to you?
GARBUS: Does the name Corley mean anything to you?
VALENTI: How do you spell it.
GARBUS: Never heard those names before?
GARBUS: Now, what does 2600 do?
VALENTI: Well, one thing they do is making T-shirts with my picture on it.

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