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by Juintz <juintz@2600.com>
Posted 12 Jul 2000 00:00:00 UTC

In an irony that wasn't entirely unexpected, it appears that Bell Atlantic is living up to its famous quality of service reputation by somehow managing to botch our T1 installation, which had been planned out months in advance. Today, with only two days left to go until the H2K conference, we have still not gotten the connection that was supposed to have been installed last week. This kind of thing is par for the course when dealing with Bell Atlantic but in this case their screwup will disappoint thousands if it isn't rectified soon, like TODAY. Installing a line weeks late may be acceptable for customers who aren't going anyplace but in our case a T1 next week isn't going to be of much use.

We hope we can convince Bell Atlantic to move on this. We will keep you updated. We WILL have connectivity of some sort at H2K but we sure hope we can get what we were promised.

With H2K almost upon us, a final schedule of speakers and panels has been released. A third track of speakers is reserved to be announced at the conference. Anyone with a last minute talk may sign up to give it at the conference on a first-come first-serve basis.

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