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Posted 12 Sep 2000 00:00:00 UTC

According to news reports, Verizon is no longer pursuing legal action against 2600 due to our registration of verizonreallysucks.com.

In Friday's Washington Post, a Verizon spokesman says that around 200 letters were sent to various holders of domains with "Verizon" in them. These people, according to Verizon, had the domains with the sole intent of selling them.

"It turned out 2600 was the one exception," said Verizon spokesman Larry Plumb. "Once we saw it met the standards of fair use, we decided not to pursue it. We're out to defend our brand against confusion and dilution, not squelch free speech."

We're happy to hear this. Verizon got the message. Let's hope it wasn't simply because we got a lot of publicity over this and that this treatment extends to everyone engaged in the practice of simply expressing themselves. Let's also look at this as the standard to which other companies should adhere. Intimidating people is no way to make friends.

And while we're on the subject, Verizon, do you really need verizonsucks.com? If the goal of registering it was simply to keep it from being used, isn't that another way of stifling speech?

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