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WBAI Shakeup Apparently Underway
Posted 23 Dec 2000 00:00:00 UTC

The situation at New York's WBAI-FM took another bizarre and disturbing turn in the overnight hours. As reported here earlier this month, the station's general manager was fired by the Pacifica Foundation, leading to an on-air revolt by many of the station staff. Now it appears that in the early morning hours, a replacement has been named and installed. In addition, locks at the station have reportedly been changed.

Both staff and listeners of the station which hosts "Off The Hook" were shocked to hear the sudden change announced live over the air. Daytime talk show host Utrice Leid had been named as interim general manager, replacing long time general manager Valerie Van Isler. Leid is a popular radio personality, hosting the "Talkback" afternoon call-in show four days a week. She also serves as Shop Steward for the station's union members.

The announcement emphasized business as usual and that there would be no programming changes. However, reports are now coming in that Program Director Bernard White has been fired and that at least one other producer has been terminated for unknown reasons. It's an ominous beginning to a new period of WBAI's history and we will be following it closely here.

View RealVideo of Amy Goodman and WBAI producers being forcibly ejected and locked out. Courtesy of NYC Indymedia.

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