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Posted 22 Mar 2001 11:33:06 UTC

We may still have a chance to fix this one. But we have to wonder what these people are thinking.

A new animated TV show called CYBERCHASE is scheduled to start airing next year on PBS KIDS, geared towards 8 to 11 year olds. That alone isn't the problem, although we cringe to think of how bad this could possibly be.

What is of concern is this little snippet from their press release: "CYBERCHASE features three Earth kids - Jackie, Matt and Inez - who are summoned into cyberspace. Their mission: to defeat the evil fiend Hacker who is on a mad quest to take over the cyberworld."

They certainly don't beat around the bush on this one. The evil character isn't only known as a hacker, he actually uses Hacker as a name! Come on already. How many ways will such a characterization taint the image of hackers in the eyes of any kid who sees this?

Since CYBERCHASE isn't scheduled to air until the winter of 2002, there's plenty of time to exert pressure on the network and producers to change the evil character's name to something more appropriate. Like Barney. Or Po.

PBS Announcement of CYBERCHASE

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