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Posted 26 Feb 2001 11:12:16 UTC

Welcome to the new incarnation of 2600's website. In addition to a brand new design, we've started an ambitious project to help keep our readers informed of the latest developments on a number of fronts.

We've had a news section in the past - it was even prominent enough to get us sued over its content. But we've always felt the potential was there to do much more and that's what we're attempting to achieve here. We intend to frequently post stories on a variety of topics, all of which should be of interest to those in the hacker world, all of which will be addressed from the hacker perspective. Whereas before we might have a single story every few days, we now hope to have multiple stories each and every day, including weekends.

You will find our subject matter to be broader than what was found before on these pages. We will still have all kinds of pieces on the latest goings-on at 2600 - word on the next HOPE conference, who's suing us this month, updates on our film project - but we now plan on expanding into all kinds of other issues that, while perhaps not directly affecting us, will be of interest and will benefit from hacker analysis. Expect to see news on the latest legal developments from all over the world, the use and abuse of technology everywhere, the threats to free speech that seem to multiply daily, and the overall stupidity that hackers worldwide are constantly uncovering. And of course, we will also be reporting on the reporters themselves: when the media attempts to cover the world of hackers, we will be there too to report on how good or bad a job they did.

This is a very ambitious project for us but we felt we had to at least try. There are fewer and fewer independent voices that haven't been swallowed up in one form or another. Never have there been so many important issues that really need to be examined. And there are very realistic reasons why what we're attempting is next to impossible.

You will hopefully notice that no matter where you go on our site, we are missing one very prominent feature that has become part of just about every news site in existence. That is, of course, advertising. We have managed over the years to keep advertising out of our magazine, off of our radio shows, out of our conferences, and absent from our website. To most analysts, this is a policy that can only hasten our demise. But we don't buy it. Our magazine is kept alive solely by the people who purchase it, our radio show kept on the air by listener contributors, our conferences are run on the dollars paid by attendees, and this site can survive on the same people power. If you like what you see here, you can support us by visiting our online store. It exists to keep our online presence strong and free of any outside commercial influence.

One other very important way you can support us is to submit stories you'd like to see us cover. You will see a link on the main page which will allow you to send us anything from a URL to a full story. Remember that we have a somewhat small staff so it won't be possible to respond personally to every item submitted. We also should stress that we're not going to simply regurgitate stories that are already prominently featured on other sites. While we may put a link or two at the end of a story, the story that we print will come from us - either facts that we have uncovered or opinions that we hold.

You can continue to send us feedback at webmaster@2600.com but please send story submissions through the form accessible on the main page. We look forward to applying the hacker perspective to the plethora of stories that are circulating. Welcome.

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