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Posted 25 Sep 2012 14:32:09 UTC

Two things are certain for October. One is that our weekly radio show, "Off The Hook," will, as part of WBAI, be participating in the fall fundraising drive. Two is that we'll get all sorts of emails from people who listen to the program online after it airs and want to show their support to the station and have it added to the total for our show. Until now, this was always a bit difficult.

A new system has been introduced: the WBAI Buddy program. Basically, anyone can now donate a small monthly amount and have it count towards the grand total. For instance, someone who goes to the WBAI Buddy page and donates $10 a month will be making a significant difference. To demonstrate this, all it will take is 20 people doing this, and we can eliminate an entire on-air fundraising show in October. If people contribute more than $10 a month, then the number of people required will be even less.

If we're able to actually pull this off, it will be a tremendous inspiration to the rest of the station and will show that we can support a huge noncommercial radio station like WBAI without having to do so much on-air fundraising. In addition to supporting the station, you'll get some other tokens of thanks from WBAI, details of which are on that page.

Now, if you make a contribution in this manner, please email us afterwards at "Off The Hook" and tell us your name and the amount you contributed so we can verify it with the station and add it to the total. Again, 20 people donating $10 a month each will eliminate one entire fundraising program and allow us to have a normal show for that week, 40 people will eliminate two fundraising shows, etc. If we don't make the 20 person level, we'll simply do our normal level of fundraising programs for the month of October. This is an experiment and we're eager to see the results. The goal will always be to keep WBAI strong and we thank all of you who share that goal with us.

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