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Posted 19 Jul 2012 13:46:23 UTC

The recently concluded HOPE Number Nine conference was a smashing success by all accounts. We want to thank everyone who helped to make it possible and all of those who attended. HOPE just keeps getting better.

Something else that keeps getting better is our DVD production. Yes, we already have DVDs available from the conference, mere days after HOPE Number Nine ended. (In the past, it could take us months to get around to this.)

No matter how much time you spent at HOPE Number Nine (assuming you were there in the first place), there's absolutely no way you could have made it to every talk as we had three scheduled tracks running at the same time. We've made these DVDs available with no DRM or region coding at a low price so the rest of the world can share the magic that was HOPE Number Nine. Check out the selections at our online store.

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