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Posted 25 Jun 2012 14:36:39 UTC

If you have something to sell, exhibit, or otherwise share with attendees at the upcoming HOPE Number Nine conference, we still have tables available for those of you who want to be able to display or sell your wares. But the early price will be going up after Wednesday.

Having thousands of hackers (and people interested in the hacker culture) parading past your table throughout the weekend will almost certainly put you on the map in one way or another. If you're interested, email us at vendors@hope.net with a description of who you are and the kinds of things you'll be selling or displaying. The vendor tables will be located in a highly-trafficked area on the second floor of the conference. As in the past, we expect a variety of groups will take advantage of this opportunity to reach our attendees, and that HOPE attendees will be able to see and buy some neat stuff they might not otherwise have ever heard about.

Tables cost $350 each but that number will be $395 starting Thursday, June 28th. This includes one admission to the conference. We will provide tables, chairs, and tablecloths if you want them. Again, to register for a table, or for more information, please email vendors@hope.net. Let us know who you are, what you are planning to sell or show, and if you will need electricity or a connection to the Internet (wireless or ethernet).

HOPE Number Nine will be taking place July 13th through July 15th at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. More details at www.hope.net.

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