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Posted 25 Jun 2012 02:58:08 UTC

With over 100 talks scheduled and more than 150 speakers, the HOPE Number Nine schedule is packing more into three days than we've ever attempted before. That, and the incredible diversity of the talks this year, is going to make this HOPE conference the most interesting and enlightening one yet.

We've come a long way in a relatively short time. No longer are hacker conferences confined to talks about security and exploits (not that HOPE conferences ever were). Scrolling through our list of talks, you'll find discussions on everything from the Arab Spring to 3D printing to lockpicking to ways of countering the growing surveillance around us. And, of course, talks about security and exploits.

We're honored to have a great number of really distinguished speakers among us this year, including our keynotes: The Yes Men and ex-NSA analyst William Binney. We also seem to have almost the entire team of the Electronic Frontier Foundation giving talks this year, in addition to folks from the ACLU, and a few hacker-turned-lawyer types. Our community is evolving in really fascinating ways.

And, of course, talks are only one part of the conference. There's a whole world of activity on our lower level, where you can partake in everything from riding a Segway to learning how to solder. We'll have lockpicking contests, a hackerspace village, art installations, concerts, vendors, a video temple, hardware hacking, and all sorts of surprises. And we think you'll really like our badges this year.

There is still time to preregister at a discounted rate, but we're going to be closing that down pretty soon as the conference draws closer. We're sorry to say that our discounted block in the hotel has sold out, so you can either pay a higher rate or look for a cheaper hotel in the area. They do exist. Check hotels.com or Expedia.

HOPE Number Nine will take place Friday, July 13th through Sunday, July 15th. We advise you to come early and stay late.

More details at www.hopenumbernine.net.

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