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Posted 9 May 2012 02:15:08 UTC

We've begun work on the 2013 Hacker Calendar after a really good response to the 2012 edition. This time the theme is surveillance, something near and dear to all of us.

We already have a good number of photos depicting the various ways in which we're always being monitored - cameras, microphones, sensors, even humans. We're looking to fill in our collection a bit so we can make final picture choices in the next month. We have photographers standing by in a number of places, including New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Seattle, and London. If you know of a particularly good example of surveillance technology at work, or perhaps a funny or ironic image that we could capture, please let us know by emailing calendar@2600.com. We're not looking for photographers at the moment but we are looking for ideas, preferably in the above areas, but we're capable of moving to other locations if needed. If we use one of your ideas, we'll be happy to send you one of the calendars when we finish the project.

As in 2012, we're also compiling a list of historical dates that will be noted in the calendar's pages. Almost every day of the year has had at least one event take place that's of interest to the hacker world. If you know of something of hacker interest that happened in the last year or know of an historical event that we missed last time, please let us know by emailing calendar@2600.com.

Most calendars are content to let you know only when certain major holidays occur. We intend to continue the tradition of going much further, and providing as complete a guide to milestones in the hacker world as is humanly possible. And there were quite a few milestones in the past year.

Don't have a 2012 calendar? It's not too late!

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