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Posted 29 Sep 2011 15:26:43 UTC

How cool is this? Thanks to our readers and supporters of non-restrictive electronic publishing, we've managed to poke our heads into the top 10 publications available on the Amazon Kindle! We're currently ahead of such giants as PC Magazine, National Geographic, Forbes, and Fortune. We're also at the very top of the list of magazines that don't rely on advertising to keep publishing. This is all possible entirely due to reader support. 100 percent.

We want to sincerely thank all of you who have been supporting these and other efforts of ours. It sends a really strong message when a relatively small publication such as ours has so many people standing behind it. Our voices will be taken far more seriously when we speak out about what's wrong with the way electronic publishing is being handled - and what's right. We will continue to fight against any sort of Digital Rights Management (DRM) that's inserted into our publication against our wishes. We will use our pages to continue this dialog and show readers how they can use the technology to their advantage and not be victimized by it. Most importantly, we will show the entire publishing industry that the old and tired way of doing business is precisely what's causing them to fail. When you give readers something they support, they will be there to keep you going. We're living proof.

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