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Posted 28 Jul 2011 15:56:37 UTC

UPDATE: Club-Mate is SOLD OUT for the eastern part of the U.S. If you're in the western half of the country, you have until midnight Tuesday morning to place your order.

OK, here's the deal. We're down to our last few cases of the German hacker drink known as Club-Mate and we won't have more until at least September. The stock we have now can't be sold past mid August. (It actually stays good many months beyond that date, but it's a legal thing to have a date stamped on every bottle - even bottles of water "expire.") So we're pulling out all stops for the next four days. Then we're pulling the plug, assuming we even make it that far.

For all orders placed from Friday, July 29 through Monday, August 1, we will waive ALL shipping fees. As we now have west coast distribution, we can also make it show up to your location much faster. That means a total price of $45 for a 12 bottle case, or $3.75 a bottle. But only if you place your order after midnight (Eastern Time) on Friday morning. Tuesday morning at midnight (or when supplies run out) we shut the Club-Mate store down for the summer. Also, the eastern part of the country may run out before the western part and vice versa since we have two different stockpiles. So we suggest you visit the Club-Mate section of our online store straightaway if this interests you. [Warning: You will be charged shipping if you order before midnight Eastern Time on Thursday.]

But wait, we're not done. You can also obtain 20 bottle cases at an even lower price in two different ways. If you come and pick up a case at our Long Island facility, you'll pay a total of $60 or $3 a bottle. If you're anywhere near the Seattle area, we'll bring it to you for $65 a case, or $3.25 a bottle. (We're giving the bottle price for comparison purposes - we won't deliver individual bottles so please wipe that thought from your mind.) To get Club-Mate in either of these two methods, please write to us at contact@club-mate.us and we will make the necessary arrangements.

This is all first come, first served. All it's going to take is somebody ordering a few cases and we'll be finished on one or both coasts until further notice. Please don't take it personally if we can't satisfy your Club-Mate needs at this time. We plan on making it even better in the fall.

No matter what, though, Club-Mate will not be on our store after Monday night until our resupply arrives sometime after the hot and drink-inducing month of August has passed.

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