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Posted 28 Jul 2011 05:46:34 UTC

Looks like your pressure tactics worked. We've been encouraging all of our iPad and iPhone carrying readers to let Amazon know that you really wanted to see a subscription option that worked on these devices. The only way you could get an electronic version of 2600 on these devices was to buy each issue individually, which was a royal pain and more expensive.

Well, we're happy to announce that you can now subscribe and have 2600 sent directly to your iPads and iPhones, starting immediately. It's yet another step in the evolution of our electronic publishing project. The response so far has been great, and we think our readers are helping to establish just how this new landscape should be defined with their feedback and overall understanding of the potential.

We are now the largest magazine available on the Kindle that doesn't rely on advertising. This is significant because it proves that reader support can sustain a publication in the electronic environment, as well as in the old-fashioned world of printed magazines. We hope to see other publications overcome their fears and join in reshaping the publishing world. We have no intention of abandoning our printed edition, as that is an essential part of who we are. But we must also constantly look at expanding our horizons and changing the rules. That is evolution.

This long-awaited expansion by Amazon, admittedly slower than we would prefer, indicates that they are, in fact, listening to our readers. Please continue to send your feedback on the electronic versions of our publication to ezine@2600.com.

Now then, in order to subscribe to 2600 on your iPad, iPhone, Kindle, and Android devices, just hit the applicable link:

United States United Kingdom

You don't have to actually be in those countries to subscribe but you do have to have accounts on one of those stores. Expanding that list of countries is hopefully one of the next things we can look forward to.

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