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Posted 1 Jul 2011 03:41:36 UTC

July is racing in with a lot of excitement. Not only do we have a brand new issue for our readers to devour, but we have a whole new hacker t-shirt to show off!

First things first. The Summer 2011 issue is indeed out. You can find it on newsstands and in your own mailbox if you were smart enough to subscribe to it before reading this story. If you somehow managed to not do this, you can keep your despair to a minimum in a few ways. You can simply subscribe right now and stay in your house until the new issue arrives in a few days. Nobody will ever know you didn't have it all along.

Or, if you're of the instant gratification ilk and you happen to have one of those Kindles everyone's talking about, you can have the new issue in mere seconds by subscribing to our special Kindle edition, complete with a special ezine section not seen in the printed edition. Oh yes, if you're in the U.K., you'll want to click here instead to subscribe. (Not our decision - that's how Kindle works.)

You can also get just this issue through the Kindle by clicking here in the United States, here in the United Kingdom, and here in Germany. We don't know why, but you can't yet subscribe from Germany. This is the next best thing until that becomes technically possible.

If you don't have a Kindle but you do have a Nook or other epub-reading device, all you need do is click here to get access to that electronic version.

Currently, Kindle Magazines doesn't support certain formats (iPad, iPhone, and more) with subscriptions. However, these formats are supported when purchasing individual issues. Until this situation is resolved, 2600 is providing each individual issue as a Kindle Book, along with the Nook format. You can find recent electronic back issues at the Kindle and Nook stores, as well as entire years in PDF format at our online store.

Now, about those shirts. Yes, there are brand new shirts to go along with the brand new issues. In fact, these are the first new adult non-HOPE t-shirts to be released in three years. But these are more than just shirts. They are QR pointers that will lead the curious to all sorts of neat things, now and in the future. We could say more, but why spoil the fun? Click here, and you can point people to something cool.

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