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Posted 9 Jun 2011 14:33:15 UTC

Thanks to a strong response for Volume 26 last autumn, a new volume of "The Hacker Digest" has become possible. The most recent year of 2600 is now available in various ebook formats, as well as in PDF format - and all DRM-free.

"The Hacker Digest" is a compendium of articles from Volume 27 of 2600 Magazine, rearranged in book form and totaling nearly 300 pages of material.

The Kindle and Nook versions are great for anyone who wants the text of all of the articles sent directly to their devices for easy and legible reading. The PDF version works on a variety of platforms and resembles the printed version of the magazine, with a number of layout changes and expanded features. All versions contain all of the graphics, along with enhanced cover pages (unobscured by print or barcodes), a full payphone photo spread in the middle, and a collection of all of the back cover photos.

2600 continues to take the digital publishing world by storm, proving wrong those who contend that existing publishers must fear the changes that new technology has brought. Since we began this project just over half a year ago, our subscriber base has more than doubled and we're reaching places in the world that wouldn't have been very easy in the traditional methods of publishing. In addition, we've found that people are willing to put their money where their mouths are and support magazines that don't enable Digital Rights Management as a means of controlling how their readers can read. And that's really all the proof we need. We hope the rest of the publishing industry takes note.

This project has taken a lot of time and effort on the part of a good number of people. As we pointed out last year, the project needs to pay for itself. We think it's well worth the low cost - please resist the urge to copy from a friend or stranger and buy your own copy as this is what will make future endeavors possible.

The Hacker Digest - Volume 27 in Kindle format for the U.S.

The Hacker Digest - Volume 27 in Kindle format for the U.K.

The Hacker Digest - Volume 27 in Kindle format for Germany

The Hacker Digest - Volume 27 in Nook format

The Hacker Digest - Volume 27 in PDF format

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