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Posted 3 Jun 2011 04:48:34 UTC

We've got another fun project we hope you'll like. For the year 2012 - possibly the last year of the world - we're putting together a special hacker wall calendar, filled with all sorts of awesome pictures of technology compiled by our team of photographers. Old and new tech will be represented, large and small, you name it. We've been gathering the best shots for quite some time.

But the pictures are only one part of the hacker calendar. What we're also doing is compiling historical dates that will be marked throughout its pages. While most calendars are content to let you know only when certain major holidays occur, we intend to provide as complete a guide to milestones in the hacker world as humanly possible.

For example:

March 3, 1885 - American Telephone & Telegraph founded
June 3, 1983 - "War Games" released
September 27, 1983 - The GNU Project announced by Richard Stallman
November 17, 1985 - The first issue of "Phrack" released
July 10, 1990 - Electronic Frontier Foundation started
January 21, 2000 - Kevin Mitnick released after five years in captivity
June 2, 2011 - Hacker group LulzSec reveals massive Sony security breach

You get the idea. Anything and everything of interest to the hacker world is fair game as long as it has a specific date. And this is where you can participate.

If you know of a particular event or milestone that deserves recognition and is somehow tied to the hacker world, send us its date along with a very brief description of its significance. Look for those obscure, non-obvious points in history that will result in intensive daily calendar-gazing, causing pots to overflow, schoolchildren to miss their buses, and employees to tune out their bosses. It's the kind of mayhem we live for.

Email calendar@2600.com throughout the month of June so we can begin the compilation process and have this thing ready in plenty of time for 2012. If the world really has to end next year, what better way to mark the occasion than to salute our history?

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