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Posted 22 Apr 2011 16:28:39 UTC

The saga of our electronic publishing endeavors continues. We've grown weary of waiting for Amazon and Apple to work things out between them so that subscriptions can be available on the iPad, so we've bypassed their stalemate and made individual issues available for those devices. We've also made them available for the Barnes and Noble Nook. More is on the way.

The price of the current issue is set by Amazon - we have no control over this. We're trying to get them to make it available for less and we've already managed to do this for back issues. Your support at this time gives us more leverage and will help to set the standard for the entire electronic publishing world.

We're also fighting to have any DRM restrictions removed from our publications. Please stand behind us on this as it's our chance to show other publishers that non-DRM is the way to go and that publications can indeed prosper in this environment without implementing crippling and anti-consumer regulations. If you're annoyed by a policy or restriction of Amazon, etc., posting a negative review actually gives us LESS leverage as it's seen as a reflection of 2600, not Amazon. Before Amazon accidentally removed Android compatibility, we were #1 in customer service on the entire Kindle Magazine section. The complaints against Amazon that came in after their blunder pushed us way under and were likely not even seen by those in charge. So if you're happy or unhappy with what WE'RE doing, tell the world via the feedback option. If something annoys you that we're not directly responsible for, let us know in an email (webmaster@2600) and we'll look into it.

We've made a lot of progress in a relatively short amount of time but we know there's a great deal more that needs to be done. We find ourselves at a very historic juncture, not just for us but for the whole publishing world.

This is where we stand at the moment:

2600 is available on a number of platforms: Kindle Subscriptions (Kindle and Android only), Kindle .mobi(iPad/iphone/Android/Mac OS X/Windows), and as .epub from Barnes & Noble (USA only). Kindle subscriptions are $.99/month with issues delivered quarterly. At this time, current issues are $5.99/$6 and older issues are $3.95/$3.99 (Amazon terms dictate that they get the lowest price, hence the slightly higher number for other sellers). We are rapidly expanding our availability and ultimately want to be in as many locales and formats as possible, so expect to hear more soon.

Kindle Subscription U.S.

Kindle Subscription U.K.

Spring 2011 issue (Kindle)

Spring 2011 issue (Nook)

Winter 2010-2011 issue (Kindle)

Winter 2010-2011 issue (Nook)

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