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Posted 25 Jan 2011 05:18:04 UTC

When you publish a magazine for over 25 years, the time is going to come when you start to run out of space. That time has arrived for us and we need to clear out space for new issues, new projects, and occasional fugitives. So we've cut the prices of our oldest remaining issues, that is, those published during the 20th century. For us, that period of time was between 1984 and 2000. Back issue prices from that period have been reduced by 60 percent to a mere $2.50 apiece for those that we haven't completely run out of yet.

We haven't forgotten about the 21st century, though. Bulk issue discounts for that period of time (2001-2010) are in full effect, along with specials on complete sets coupled with lifetime subscriptions.

As 2600 back issues never really get outdated (in fact, we believe that the older ones are the most fascinating regarding all of the many changes in technology), this is a great chance to learn about our history and the various toys we've been playing with from one year to the next. And if we get some more breathing room in the process, everybody wins.

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