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Posted 1 Nov 2010 09:08:44 UTC

After hearing a lot of feedback from our readers, we're taking our first steps into digital distribution by putting the Autumn issue into Kindle format, allowing people all around the world to download the magazine onto their ebook readers.

The magazine can be found at: http://tinyurl.com/2600-kindle-us for the United States http://tinyurl.com/2600-kindle-uk for the United Kingdom and other countries

At the time we posted this, for some reason the search function on the U.K. site isn't working properly so the only way to find us is to already know the exact link. We're trying to get Amazon to fix this ASAP.

As mentioned, this is just the first in a series of steps. We're learning a lot about this whole process as we go along, as many others are. There will be all sorts of tweaking and adjustments as we figure out what works and what doesn't, as well as find ways to put our own unique spin on this. We welcome feedback and suggestions at ezine@2600.com.

One initial problem we've run into is the inability to offer 2600 subscriptions via the Kindle. This is primarily due to utterly awful terms being offered by Amazon, which is probably the reason why there are so few magazine subscriptions available through Kindle in the first place. Until we're able to resolve this, the magazine is being made available as a book. It's our goal to get a subscription deal in the near future at an even lower price. Please keep checking for updates.

We know a lot of you will want us to offer the magazine for other ebook readers as well and this is something we're actively working on. Keep in mind that this is the beginning of the process for us and things take time to develop. If we do well here, we can devote that much more time to expanding to other platforms. Many people have requested the Kindle platform, so that's where we're beginning. How we do here will determine how worthwhile it will be to invest in additional platforms. If the response is anything like the requests we've received, we expect progress on these fronts really soon.

The best way to help us at this point is to spread the word. It's easy to reach all of you who currently subscribe and regularly check for updates. For this to succeed, however, we need to get through to a bunch of interested people who aren't regular readers of the paper version. Achieving momentum on this front will speed the process of expansion, improve our quality, bring costs down, and all that nice stuff.

We've hit the first ball into the digital court. We now eagerly await whatever comes flying back at us.

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