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Posted 11 Nov 2009 14:43:19 UTC

We finally have all of the details sorted out and have come up with the best possible shipping method to ensure safe and economical delivery of glass bottles of Club Mate throughout the continental United States. You can now order your very own case of Club Mate at store.2600.com/clubmate.html

What is Club Mate, you may ask? It's an addictive substance out of Germany that we introduced to the American hacker scene at The Last HOPE. It's an energy drink that people either love or hate at first taste. The company slogan is "You'll get used to it." Over the last year, we've been amazed by how many people have fallen under its spell. The German hacker scene has been addicted for many years now.

You can learn more about Club Mate at either the German or American websites (club-mate.de or club-mate.us). You can also be a part of history by ordering a case and helping to spread this strange German beverage throughout the USA. We know it's a bit odd for a hacker zine to be in the energy drink business. But we like to think that it's just another example of the weird places we wind up going sometimes.

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