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Posted 7 Feb 2009 18:42:09 UTC

A full 28 years after they originally aired, episodes of an historic radio show that helped pave the way for both 2600 and "Off The Hook" are now being heard again.

Each week a new show will make its debut through this section of our website, 28 years to the day after its original airing. (It just so happens that the days of the week for 1981 line up perfectly with those of 2009.) The high fidelity versions will only be online for one week since we have limited space and bandwidth. The low fidelity versions will remain in our archives.

You can also subscribe to the low bandwidth and the high bandwidth RSS feeds to be automatically notified when new shows are posted. You can find out more about RSS feeds in general at www.whatisrss.com.

We hope you enjoy this trip down Memory Lane and in the process learn something about the way the phone network used to work and how society has changed in the last three decades.

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