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Posted 18 Mar 2010 15:34:38 UTC

We're happy to announce discounted hotel rates for The Next HOPE at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City from July 16th through the 18th. What's particularly amazing about this is that the price has actually gone down from past rates.

Rates are:

$129 per night for a single
$159 per night for a double

Just try beating that in New York City or any other major metropolitan area. And when you share rooms, it gets even more economical. But, remember, it's not about the room. It's about making it to HOPE. We're busting our asses to make it as affordable as possible in these challenging economic times. So please help to make the conference a success by being there!

To get the special room rate, simply call Pennsylvania 6-5000 (+1 212 736 5000) or 1-800-223-8585 and ask for the HOPE Conference rate for any dates falling from Thursday, July 15th to Monday, July 19th. (NOTE: You can only get this rate over the phone. Otherwise every tourist in the world would be making a grab for it online.)

Remember also to register for the conference! Our early registration rate is only $75 but that will be expiring in April. Just go to our registration page to register now.

Go to the HOPE Forums to get the latest info on cheap airfare, carpools, and room shares.

Be sure to subscribe to @thenexthope on Twitter to get updates as they happen.

The official Next HOPE wiki can be found at http://wiki.hope.net with constantly changing and updating information while our main site for general information is at http://www.hope.net.

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