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Posted 18 Oct 2000 00:00:00 UTC

Since we've been publishing controversial material since 1984, we think we're in a good position to put things in perspective. And right now, there is an epidemic of legal activity on the part of large corporations like we've never seen before. We got yet another threat today.

This time, General Motors found out that we had registered fuckgeneralmotors.com and they are demanding that we turn it over to them at once. We "are not authorized" to use their name, they say. Their logic completely escapes us, as does the logic of the various other corporations who have tried this intimidation tactic against similar sites. This is a little thing called speech which, even when offensive, is entitled to protection. That is one of the reasons why registering such sites is an important act - you can see the utter arrogance of these people who think that they can actually control when and where people speak their corporate name. If that was the only reason for registering such a site, it would be enough.

But there is more we can do and more we should be doing. We just don't have the manpower to put together so many different sites. That's why we need your help to do a decent job here.

For all of the sites that we have gotten legal threats over, we'd like to point to some truly decent watchdog pages. For instance, there must be someone out there with knowledge of General Motors and how they've treated their employees unfairly, shutting down plants, or maybe even making unsafe vehicles. It should be a clearinghouse of information where others can post their experiences. If you have such a site or plan on setting one up, send email to webmaster@2600.com and we'll arrange to have fuckgeneralmotors.com point to it. The same holds true for any of the other corporations that we have "critical" domains for.

This is an issue of speech and we need to send a message that free speech is something we just cannot back down on.

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