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The Babbio Center is located on River Street between 5th and 6th street in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is probably the best way to get to Hoboken. Just think of Hoboken as the missing borough. Getting here is like getting to Brooklyn or Queens. If you take the ferry, its just like sailing to Staten Island. It's actually faster to get to New Jersey from Manhattan then to some of the outer boroughs. Scary, huh?

Port Authority Trans Hudson (PATH)

The PATH train is the best option for coming out of New York City.

In more detail:

Luckily, the PATH train allows easy access from New York City. To get to Hoboken via PATH make sure you take a train marked HOBOKEN. Stations are located on 6th Avenue at 33rd, 23rd, 14th, 9th Streets, and at Christopher Street. Hoboken is the only stop on Hoboken bound PATH trains out of Manhattan. The trip to Hoboken from 33rd is about 15 minutes and it runs as often as the regular subway and all night. The trip costs $1.50 each way and pay-per-ride metrocards are accepted. If you live downtown, there is also limited PATH service from the World Trade Center. For the WTC Path, Hoboken is the last stop, and service stops at midnight. Check out this site,Google Maps Subway hack, for a map of the PATH stations.

Ferry Service

The New York Waterway Ferry is much more pleasant than the PATH train. It runs from W 39th Street and the World Train Center port to the Hoboken Train/Path/Bus terminal. The Midtown Ferry runs about every 20 minutes until 10:30 PM; Downtown Ferry stops running at about 9:30PM. Tickets cost $6 each way for adults. If you do want to try out the ferry please carefully plan your trip through its site: It also has information about free shuttle bus schedules and routes.

Other Transportation

If you don't live in New York, getting to Hoboken is easy via trains. New Jersey Transit, as paradoxical as it sounds, offers good train service. Check out its website for information. Hoboken is one stop away from Secaucus Junction, a major train hub, and trains run often.

If you do choose to drive in or want some more information about getting to Stevens check out its official sites for driving directions or for public transportation.

The most convenient parking lot is on Hudson Street between 1st and 2nd Streets. It's called the "B-D-G Garage." There are plenty of other parking spots around, but Hoboken police are known to boot illegally parked cars. It's indicated on the map.

Getting Around Hoboken

Use the images for guidance.

In more detail:

Once you get here the way to Stevens is pretty simple. From the PATH station, which leads to Hudson Place, just walk north. The map on the left shows a more detailed view. A good route is to follow River Street until you hit Stevens. The illustration below shows the building called the Babbio Center, which incidentally is named after Lawrence Babbio of Verizon. Room 122 is on the ground floor left of the entrance. Look for posters.