Pictures from Kevin Mitnick's release in Lompoc, CA

January 21, 2000
Courtesy of dbaseiv

Kevin a few days before his release from Lompoc

Kevin poses in the parking lot

Kevin holds up a KEVIN FREE sticker

Macki and Emmanuel confer with Kevin in the background, after the Feds in the foreground say they have to move

Kevin reading the statement

Shot of entire press corps and Kevin during statement

The press films Kevin's statement (Izaac is seen filming for Freedom Downtime on the far right)

Press from the other side, their cars in the background

Kevin finishes up his statement

Fox reporter (left) and CNN reporter (center) heckle Kevin for refusing to take their questions

Kevin explains to the reporters what questions are

CNN reporter continues asking obnoxious questions like "Are you BITTER?!"

Emmanuel walks with Kevin away from the microphones

Kevin grins as he walks away from the press and they continue to shout questions

Emmanuel whispers to Kevin as he gets into the car (after Autojack got out of his seat)

Autojack and NineVolt stare down the camera