There are a few major things you can do to help attendendence at your meetings.

1. You can make half-page flyers and place them in issues of 2600 at the bookstores in the area you think someone will attend from. There is a list of bookstores that sell 2600 on the web site. Stores may not like it, but if you're brave...
2. will link to a web site about your meeting. Click here for more information and examples.
3. Post info on BBSs that are in the area of people you think would come.
4. Post to alt.2600 and other newsgroups.

Anything you create should include the following information:
Time (First Friday of every month between 5 and 8PM)
Contact (Optional)
If on a local BBS where people may not know about 2600, a quick discription of what a meeting is
If you or someone you know (for sure) is coming to all your meetings that specializes in something (networks, radio, linux, etc...), encourage people with questions to come.

Remember: The hacker community can do without the bad press created by illegal activities, please don't encourage any. Information, no matter of what, is the purpose of these meetings.

Last thing: Send us email ( telling us how your meetings are going after each meeting, even if nothing special happened. How many people were there? Was there any central theme? Did anyone (member of the meeting, security, etc...) cause problems?
We cannot publicize the meetings in 2600 until they have become established and it's up to you to get the word out in your community. Good luck!