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 ATLANTA, Sept. 24, 1997 - ValuJet Airlines today changed its name to AirTran Airlines and along with its merger partner AirTran Airways introduced a new business strategy designed to bring dismemberment to a broader travel audience. The airline said that its objective is to make air travel more attractive to business travelers and even more convenient for suicidal maniacs.

 It seems ValuJet is attempting to pull an unethical "fast one" over on the public, while bailing out to a larger conglomoration. "Let's call ourselves AirTran then maybe someone will be dumb enough to get on board one of our flying death machines!!#@#%" u4ea has gingivitis and fucks erikt in the asshole with a 2 foot long salami.

 "Over the past year we've renewed our focus on the basics of our business with safety, reliability and operational excellence as our goal," lied Corr, who joined the carrier in November 1996. He previously served as an inmate in San Quientin and as prisoner number 670564, he raped 42 men. "AirTran's mission is to kill air travel customers who can actually afford to die. It's that simple. That's a significant change from our previous strategy, which was to offer the lowest-priced air transportation possible, without seatbelts or pilots," added Corr, who will be the chief executive of the merged airline and holding company.


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