and DAMM br1ng y0u....

0k here'z the situ4t10n 4s we see 1t...n0 one 1z p4y1ng att3nshun to the ple4z of the undergr0und.
fine, y0u had ur ch4nce, n0w we me4n busin3$s. DAMM (Drunkz Against Madd Mothers) and UNICEF
have formed a coallition t0 put an end t0 the m1stre4tment 0f KEVIN MITNICK. Kevin has
been held for ov3r tw0 ye4rz with0ut tr14l n0r h4s he h4d adequat3 c0unsel. h1z impr1s0nment
h4s been deemed unju$t. aft3r all, Kevin is just a b1g kid, and th4tz wh4t UNICEF iz all ab0ut,
help1ng the ch1ldren. spe4king of ch1ldren...0n to the matter 0f our release t3rmz......

1f kevin iz n0t rel34sed by febru4ry 2nd (gr0undhog's day), we beg1n the ultim4te h0locaust.

d0es th1s guy l00k like h3 deserv3s s0litary c0nfinement?!

we've hired 20 supermodels from around the world, kate moss, naomi campbell, tyra banks,
to name a few, t0 be our h1tmen. we kn0 these little w4ify girlz are just st4rving f0r a meal
s0 we m4de them an offer th3y c0uldn't resist. free f00d. every d4y th4t kevin is imprison3d
bey0nd febru4ry 2nd our starving m0delz will g0rge themselves 0n 100 st4rving 3rd w0rld children.
like the one seen below.

listen to the cries 0f young sheewah. he 1s t00 young t0 die at th3 handz 0f a ravenous m0del.
y0ur little red 4nd white milk cart0nz can't save h1m this time. we kn0 h0w str0ng white/rich guilt
is. h0w d0 u think OJ g0t off? 1f u h4ve any b1t of c0mpassion f0r little negr0 kidz or f0r kevin
y0u will wr1te/c4ll ur congr3ssman and dem4nd kevin's release. d0 n0t let the governm3nt w4lk all
over us!@# spe4k 0ut ag4inst the tyr4nnical s0ciety in wh1ch the beaur0cr4tz re1gn supr3me! free kevin.

P.S. if "Mr. Belvedere" c0uld be put b4ck on a m4j0r TV netw0rk we'd be m0st appreciat1ve.


1998 Copyleft D.A.M.M. "Well y0ur kid shouldn't h4ve been 0n the sidewalk!"