HACKED New York Times

Grab of the Hacked page

Tuesday, September 13, 1998

The main page of The New York Times was hacked by a group called HFG. Although mainstream America probably had a great deal of difficulty translating their speech, some important points were made - namely that Kevin Mitnick remains in prison and that John Markoff, a writer for the Times, helped put him there. At the time of this hack, Mitnick had been in prison more than three and a half years without a trial. Ironically, this "political statement" is viewed by many to be more serious than anything Mitnick has been charged with. We have no doubt the Times will get the federal government involved in tracking down these dissidents instead of learning some valuable lessons from what they've done - lessons about security and also about integrity.

One interesting note about this hack: more intelligent and pertinent commentary is actually found in the SOURCE to the page, which isn't visible to the casual viewer. On your browser, click on "View Source" or the equivalent to see this.

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