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Looking ahead at Apple and the Cult of Steve ... Expo in a paragraph ... flat-panel package to ship soon ... CU-SeeMe update reached 3.1.2 ... Studio Vision Pro 4.2 available.

 & nbsp; San Francisco

   Jan. 4-8, 1999

Check out M's Expo coverage and links, including the Robert Hess party list.

Visit the Expo home page for official info, including a PDF conference brochure.

Talk with and Macworld Online editors. Look for us in the South Hall, behind Macworld Live!., your

 essential Macintosh resource, the latest Mac news and opinions.
Monday, January 4, 1999   
Updated Mon, 06:44 PM PST

Today, Apple and Intel released the shocking news that they now have merged into APTEL Inc., starting a new line of Computer Systems featuring the Intel Pentium II processor and Linux Slackware Operating System.
When MacWeek asked Apple's head man Tom Graham, why they now abandon Motorola he answers: well, intel processors with a linux operating system is clearly they way of the future, and with our merger with Intel, Microsoft won't stand a chance, so UP YOURS Bill Gates!
Sources inside Intel have confirmed for MacWeek that the new Intel Processors will have a built in bug that will make it in-compatible with Microsoft Windows, any attempt to run Windows will cause a Program Fault. Other sources say that this bug was first installed in the i386 processor but the next version will be the final one, that will make it crash at the "Starting Windows" level.

M acworld Expo starts with a song
Columnist David Pogue opened the Expo Town Meeting with wry humor and songs, kicking off a five-day gathering of Mac faithful from across the globe.

Adobe debuts After Effects 4.0
In the first major revision in three years, Adobe this week at Macworld Expo will unveil Version 4.0 of its ve nerable After Effects package, which wins high praise from beta testers.

Mac the Knife: Intern, turn, turn
While the Knife's away, Brett the Intern gets jiggy with new Macworld Expo releases from CE Software, including QuickKeys revs for Mac OS 8.5 and, gulp, Windows.

Don Crabb: Good, old-fashioned Macworld fun
After celebrating a success ful 1998, columnist Don crabb says it's time to party like it's 1999 -- new G3 Macs, a helluva party in San Francisco and hot new peripherals.

Expo ushers in 1999
New Mac systems will vie with digital video releases as the headline event at Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The show will also deliver Web design and high-end productivity tools.

Apple: A year in the life
Remember the Newton? Back at the start of 1998 the Newton was still part of Apple's lineup, but handheld technology took a back seat to the iMac, a renewed drive to profitablity and efforts to finally rework the MacOS. It was a year of amazing change for a company that, just a year ago, was being wri tten off as out of touch and unprofitable.

Editorial: Ring in the new
As any die-hard Mac enthusiast knows, holding your industry's premiere trade show in the first week of January has its pros and cons.

Swedish Hackers Convicted
Swedish hackers sentenced to community service.: The well known swedishs Cyber Thugs, freddie & sobber of efnet #999 crew got sentenced to 6 months community service for hacking several web pages including and The Hackers will now serve 6 months of cow milking on a farm locate in the southern parts of sweden.

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Main Event scripts Photoshop (12.30)

Gluon releases three Quark XTensions (12.30)

Paris calling: Voulez-vous le CD AOL ... ? (12.30)

Show goers to pick Web winners (12.29)

Webcast, QuickTime sessions set for Expo (12.29)

New Macs in final stretch (12.28)

Mac the Knife: SawTooth decay (12.28)< BR>

'Ultra-portable' projectors get Lab test (12.28)

Click here for more news

Quick Li nks Sponsors:


San Francisco Chronicle columnist Tom Abate dares to to comment on the Cult of Steve in a pre-Expo column that roundly applauds Apple's performance but raises prescient questions about its corporate future. It's a worthwhile read.

MacInTouch today does the near-impossible: It rounds up all the latest conventional wisdom about upcoming Macworld Expo highlights in one paragraph. Yosemite Macs, QT4, IE 4.5, speech-recognition rumors and talk of iMac revs and a new Apple Store.

Product announcements

Digital Flat Panel Solution Pack, a display system, will be available in a Mac version from Number Nine Visual Technology Corp. The system is expected to ship in the next three months for approximately $2,800. The package will include Number Nine's Revolution IV-FP graphics accelerat or and the Silicon Graphics 1600SW digital flat panel. The monitor, with 1,600 by 1,024 pixels and 110 dots per inch, has a screen that measures 17.3 inches diagonally.

< font color=990000>Studio Vision Pro 4.2, MIDI and audio recording software, is available from Opcode Systems, Inc. The software has a street price of $750, with upgrades from 3.5 or earlier versions priced at $149 and a free update for 4.0 user s. The program supports Digidesign Direct I/O and Digidesign Pro Tools/24 MIX and MIX Plus TDM systems, and supports Event Layla, Lexicon Studio, MOTU 2408 and other hardware.

LoanPro 2.0.0 is financial analysis software ($25) from Real Mac Solutions. The program help users calculate fixed and adjustable rates for loans. It also lets users create custom schedules for va riable interest rates, enter repeating payments and compare loan scenarios. The latest version includes a bi-weekly calculator.

Yet Another NewsWatcher 4.0 is a PowerMac update of the free Usenet newsreader. This version, which was rewritten by an original author, requires Mac OS 8.5 and QuickTime 3.0. It supports proxy icons in window titles, live scrolling and downloading articles in the background, and has numerous changes and improvements.

CU-SeeMe 3.1.2 is the latest version of v ideo-conferencing software now owned by White Pine Software Inc. Owners of version 2.x can upgrade for $29, with free upgrades from 3.1 to 3.1.2. New features in this version, which is compatible with Mac OS 8.5, includes a contact list feature that lets one user locate others using their e-mail addresses instead of IP addresses.

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