The Labour Party produces separate Manifestos for Scotland and Wales, so that we can pretend to be working towards allowing them to have their own governments. Not Ireland though because lets face it, we feel they would be unable to look after themselves. Just like any good party we aren't afraid to hint at something we wouldn't ever contemplate providing. Just like the Conservatives we will be going back on what we promised. We'll deny it of course, and palm it off to the rantings of a disillusioned hacker who is breaking the law daily; BUT you can safely put your money on it. Breaking promises is one of the things ALL politicians are good at. We have also produced specific policies for young people to pretend we care what they think, but honestly all we're actually trying to do is get their vote in the next election. Heh they're just a bunch of yobbos anyway and the Criminal Justice Act is exactly the sort of thing needed to controll them. Why can't they be like some of our voters, brainwashed to argue. or care.

You may be wondering who this cynical criminal is? well im just one of the masses. A voter. Im sick and tired of all the bullshit politicans spout. By doing this i can GUARANTEE that ill be heard. Im sick of all politicians. They all promise you the world and give you an apology when they can't provide it. This country has gone frombad to worse. Yes the Conservatives' blatant mismanagement is the main cause. What can you say to a government that closes hospitals and steals from the poor; yet has enough money to give themselves huge paypackets and pay to have squatters evicted fromtheir property. This is what I say. Enough is bloody enough. Pack your bags and GO.

We're sick and tired of the lot of you.

New labour are the lesser of several evils is all I can say. Look at the last time they were in power. In some ways they weren't quite as bad as the Conservatives. In some ways they were worse. You're not going to keep your promises. You lot never do.
This country may be "free" in comparison to most, but its not enough. The government still controlls what we read, what we watch and what we say. What ever happened to freedom of speech? The fact that we had to go to this extent just to get heard, really says something.
They lie, they cheat and they steal our money. Yet they call me a criminal. If something bad leaks out, they'll cover it up. Any way they can. They did it the first time we hacked them. Shame they didn't learn anything from it. These are the muppets we're considering for parliament! how can they protect our contry if they can't even protect a web page? Full denyability, thats their game. Bribe, Blackmail and Backstab should be their motto. Every one was shocked by the "Cash for questions" scandal (or atleast they pretended to be shocked) yet this is a clasic example of what people have to do to be heard.
Well im not just going to whine (as im sure it'll be described. I will also give a few suggestions:
  • First fix the hospitals. People who have to wait a year for an operation should be compensated. OUT OF THE GOVERMENTS COFFERS. NOT TAX PAYERS MONEY.
  • Politicians should earn a comfortable, but small wage. NO PAYRISES UNTIL THET EARN THEM.
  • Any politician suspected of being corrupt should be PROPERLY investigated and if ANY evidence proven, he/she should be JAILED. IMMEDIATELY.
  • Parliament should answer to the people. Not just make febble gestures of answering. One way to do this would be to have regular parliament "open days". No decision should be "need to know only". No part of parliament should be hidden from the cameras.
  • Less taxes all round. More benefits for those who need them.
  • Restrictions should be placed on large companies, to help break up monopolies. Companies operating in the "third world" should have a strictly monitored.

  • These are but a few suggestions, of which some may be practial and some might not. I could go on for a long time, but I don't want to be caught, so I won't oh and my beer is running out. We will contact various news agencies, and if an interview is wanted, it might be possible. That's all. for now. All that remains is to say:


    "We are the people!" Shout it from the rooftops.
    aohp 96

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    New Labour new life for Scotland
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