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Don't buy "Made in Indonesia"
You may be contributing for the increasing slaugther
of more and more timorese people.

'Free Xanana Gusmao'.

Free East TimorWelcome to the official site of slaughtering and torture, here you can find the finnest trained soldiers in Indonesia, if the government needs the dirty work done, they'll do it alright - in memory to the bloody day of 12th November 1991, when 250 Timorese were killed by the Indonesian Army.

Bem vindos ao site oficial de tortura e assassínio, aqui pode encontrar os melhores soldados treinados na Indonésia, se o governo precisa de fazer o trabalho sujo, eles fazem-no concerteza - em memória ao dia sangrento de 12 de Novembro de 1991, onde 250 Timorenses foram mortos pelo Exército Indonésio.

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East Timor Torture Photos

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