Due to popular demand, we have posted this collection of East Timor related hacks from our Hacked Sites Archive.

On February 10, 1997, and again on February 14, 1997 Portugese hackers launched a political attack on the web page of the Indonesian government, focusing on that country's continued oppression of East Timor.

  1. See the hacked site

  2. See the original site

  3. see why they hacked it

  4. Then they did it again on February 14, 1997

  5. As the suffering continues, on it's hacked 24 April - 18:15 Portuguese Time

  6. On Mon, 30 June 1997 UrBan Ka0s Haxed Site Hacked the site again.

  7. On Sat, 22 November 1997 Portuguese Hackers Against Indonesian Tiranny hacked numerous sites.

  8. On Mon, 19 January 1998 Several mass hacks were performed on Indonesian sites.

  9. On Sat, 11 September 1999 Portuguese hackers struck several Indonesian sites.

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