Yes we have returned, again taking over another important system in less time then it took us to bounce from server to server to cover our tracks to get to it. The "Tianjin Network of Information of Science & Technology" a site run by the Chinese Government is what this site was. It dictates what can be seen and heard by a countless number of people in China. It makes up the rules and regulations on how and when it censors it's ownpeople and when what they say and think are in violation of the law.

A place where information is freely discussed is a place where people can form their own opinions. The Chinese government wants to censor their own people and shield them from outside sources of information. The more information people, the more choices they have, the more choices they have, the more freedom they have. This is why the decrepit old men who run China now wish to limit the information the Chinese people see, because they want their people to have only one choice, the one they are given, therefore taking away their freedom. Information is neither good or evil, it is what we do with it that gives it it's power.

People will tell you, you're gonna lose...
People will tell you it's no use...
People will tell you whatever you're going to listen to...

A few days ago a story ran about a man, Lin Hai, who was arrested in China and faces LIFE in a Chinese prison. What did he do, kill another man? Rape? Steal? Treason? No, he is accused of sending e-mails to a dissident publication ran in the USA, some of which criticize the present Chinese leadership. Life in prison. The Chinese government is scared to death of the Internet and the ease anyone can access information, and the ease it's people, like Lin Hai, can communicate with the outside world and how they can now express what they think.

This censorship, which is being aided by a US company, SUN Microsystems, who is providing 90% of the computer systems used in China for it's Internet services, is still growing. They set up SUN firewalls to block sites that people inside China might want to see which freely disperse information, such as ordinary online news papers and search engines.

So in addition to this site being defaced, several Chinese firewalls have also been breached and have been misconfigured to allow anyone passing through it FREE ACCESS to any site they wish. I leave it up to the Chinese to find which and fix them, but in the meantime, I hope some of Chinas citizens enjoy the freedom to see what the want, and say what they want to say.

I am not asking for anyone to do anything, but to rather do nothing. Do nothing to support the government who now sits in Beijing. Do not support their most favored trading status, no not support their economy by buying items that, we now know, are made my slave labor in prisons, and do not support the companies who are supporting and dealing with this government as well.


Most people do not know who Kevin Mitnick is outside of the underground circles, the law professionals dealing with the case and money hungry reporters. He has been in jail for over 3 years without a trial. He has been held longer then people who rape, steal and assault others. He did nothing violent, he didn't carry a gun or make
death  threats against anyone. He was a 'hacker'. Support his cause against an outrages unjust prosecution. Help him at least get his right to a FAIR trial by his peers, and not get rail roaded by a system that wants to use him as an example.

I know to the delight of the Chinese, this will be the last time I take a trip across cyberspace to their land. It will be the last time I connect to their systems for any reason. For those who were opposed to my last penetration saying I was censoring the censors, I say it's their turn. Besides they only spew disinformation and lies in any case.

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