HACKED rana.er.usgs.gov
HACKED www.makingmillions.com
HACKED www.tv-broadcaster.com

Saturday, October 3, 1998

At least three sites were hacked by the same people. rana.er.usgs.gov, part of the United States Geological Survey, seems to have been the first site to be affected. We weren't able to capture the text of this site before it was taken down. However, www.makingmillions.com and www.tv-broadcaster.com, the next two sites to be hacked in that order, remained altered all day saturday. Both of these sites are located in Quebec.

In addition to Tupac Shakur quotes and taunting of the authorities, there is a reference to another case that has at least some parallels to the Kevin Mitnick story - the Larry Hoover story. Unfortunately, there are no links on that page but those wishing to learn more about this case can go to http://www.unitedinpeace.org/hoover.htm.