FAQs from our THOMAS E-Mail bag
1. How do I search in THOMAS?
2. How do I find actual text of legislation passed before 1989 and other historical information?
3. How do I download a bill, a committee report, or a section of the Congressional Record to my computer?
4. How do I find all bills sponsored or cosponsored by a Representative or Senator?
5. Why can't I find what I'm looking for in the section called Major Legislation?
6. How do I link a particular part of THOMAS to my own web site?
7. Where can I find a list of all bills introduced in a particular Congress or a list of all bills that have been vetoed?
8. How do I find what is currently the law of the land on a particular subject?
9. Where on the internet can I find information about my state/local government?
10. How do I find voting records of Members of Congress?
11. How can I contact my Member of Congress?
12. How often are Bill Text, Congressional Record, and Committee Reports updated on THOMAS?
13. How often is Bill Summary & Status information updated on THOMAS?
14. Why is the THOMAS server not working properly and why am I getting error messages?
15. What are the "GPO PDF" files that THOMAS links to from bill text and committee report records? How can I read, navigate, search, and print these files?
16. In the THOMAS Bill Text files, how do I identify the latest version of a bill's text?
17. Where can I find objective, impartial information on the impeachment process?
18. Can you tell me about the 106th Congress?
19. Any suggestions for citation models of documents viewed from THOMAS?
20. What's this about legislation imposing a tax or long distance telephone charge on internet access?

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