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- 11 / 05 / 88 -

"Stardate," the election is almost here, the revelation that Kate Bush is related to George Bush, political comedy by Will Durst, The Capitol Steps, "Facts Are Stupid Things," asking callers who they want to vote for, problems with incoming calls to the university, wondering if Dukakis has a chance, a trivia question involving Republican presidents, how students are voting, how the issues and candidates aren't really being represented, theories on why Carter lost, the parallel between the primaries and the Olympics, why Kitty Dukakis would be a better First Lady than Barbara Bush, comparing Quayle and Bentsen, why it's almost impossible for most Stony Brook students to vote, Will Durst, "C.I. Agent Man," "Nobody for President," Jimmy Tingle, dead air while "adjustments" are made, an answer to the question regarding Republicans, thoughts on Carter and Nixon, a caller starts the Ron Dudak fan club, the unease of having a former CIA chief in the White House.

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Nov. 5
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- 11 / 12 / 88 -

Sound effects, the shock of what has happened with the election results, the difficulty of saying "President Bush," James Baker is the new Secretary of State, the inevitability of Bush becoming president, memories of Reagan becoming president, other titles Eric is having trouble saying, some new possible Bush terms, the reaction to the non-debates, Jim's idea for the presidency, Jim's memories of the Reagan/Mondale debates, the famous "Where's the Beef?" quote, ideas for changing the system, a call from Lister, how Bush inspires enthusiasm, Andrew Goldberger reports on a boxing match, the significance of all of the different levers in the voting booths, confusion at the polls, why Eric didn't vote for circuit court judge, memories of Barry Commoner and the Citizens Party, a caller draws connections between Republicans and Nazis, the implications of having a former CIA chief as president, stories about Michael Dukakis, a caller claims to be affiliated with the Klan, defining Stiltskin, changes at WICC, liberal Republican Lowell Weicker loses to conservative Democrat Joe Lieberman in Connecticut, a phone scam involving U.S. athletes at the Olympics, calling the Olympic village after the Olympics have ended, wondering why all recordings say the same thing and all rings sound the same, more problems with the new campus phone system, analyzing the sound of a caller's phone, the similarities between Democrats and Republicans, why the Green Party is effective in West Germany, how the Canadian political debate was so much better, there's a new noncommercial radio station in town, urging listeners to journey down the dial and listen to the new station for a few seconds, how other noncommercial stations are now being blocked by a religious station, a caller reacts to Jim's show and voice, the difference between a radio station and a relay tower, Eric defines cheap religion, why the new radio station is an affront to broadcasters and the public, a member of the West German parliament is accused of being a Nazi, calls that last less than three seconds don't cost anything, Eric starts a new religion, two percent of a typical brain is actually used, Lister calls again, why WICC is better than WFRS, a look at the programs ahead, "Concert Billboard."

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Nov. 12
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- 11 / 19 / 88 -

Part two of the feature on Satanism, someone signs Eric up to receive The Plain Truth, an article on teens and Satanism, music to go to hell by, Anti Nowhere League, a continuation of the lecture on Satanic music by Pastor Fletcher Brothers, John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Twisted Sister, listener reaction to the opinions expressed, how people would respond to such speech in their presence, why religion should be a private matter, how Pastor Brothers sent a kid to jail because he wouldn't cut his hair, the parallel between people blinded by rock music and those blinded by organized religion, a call from Bill Fox, why fundamentalism isn't Christianity, the phone number in echo, the phone number for Pastor Brothers, Eric has trouble being heard by a caller in a loud place, how a lack of self confidence makes one vulnerable to people with agendas, the anniversary of the mass suicides in Guyana, a summation of what's been covered this evening, Brother Bill is on this week.

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Nov. 19
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- 11 / 26 / 88 -

Valerie Jean, "Stardate," Philip Glass, sound effects, Nixon/Kennedy campaign documentary, the 25th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, a Nesconset drug store owner is accused of dumping pills and needles in a local parking lot, the United States denies a visa to Yasser Arafat preventing him from addressing the United Nations, whether this constitutes an abuse of power, fascinating country names, waste from Philadelphia finally finds a home, rainy Monday mornings, a minor earthquake hits the area, there will be a special guest tonight, why the United Nations should be moved out of the United States, Reagan and Gorbachev will be in New York next month, a call to a special machine, a demonstration of Phonebase. [There are 45 minutes missing from the middle of the show.] The Bush years will be interesting, a complaint to the radio station, delay is being used tonight, how delay restricts the broadcast, callers respond to the complaint, a call from the Phonebase computer, Brother Nick tries to deal with the delay, a call for strange 800 numbers, a rumor that Public Enemy will be coming to campus, Lister was Bob Marley's personal spokesman, a call from Bridgeport, other radio stations in the area, more criticism of the new religious station, wondering where Mary Frances is, a request for Black Cabbage, Eric feels guilty for taking Brother Nick's time, the importance of getting feedback, what Brother Nick has planned, Eric's experience at the Thanksgiving Day parade, plans for a new "Z" train in New York as well as a new Jamaica Center station, Eric always gets lost in Brooklyn, Philip Glass, Ini Kamoze concert promo.

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Nov. 26
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