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- 06 / 04 / 88 -

Tuning sounds, Radio Moscow phone-in program, a discussion with teenagers in the United States and the Soviet Union, the curiosity that's being expressed in each country towards the culture of the other as a result of the recent summit, cautious optimism on the intentions of the Soviet government, what there is to revolt against these days, U.S. ignorance of Soviet republics, Andrew Goldberger's babysitter gives his opinion, the magic of shortwave, the similar interests between the two cultures, a reported spat between the two First Ladies, the possibility of the Berlin Wall coming down, a different tone from Radio Moscow, Radio Moscow interval signal, the news from Radio Moscow, "Moscow Mailbag," panel discussion on the summit, Bob Longman will be filling in for the Brothers tonight, appealing for calls, The Beijing Review perspective on U.S./Soviet developments, why this detente may last longer than the previous one.

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Jun. 4
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- 06 / 11 / 88 -

"Stardate," Eric can't stop playing the soundtrack from "Powaqqatsi," Eric is looking for suggestions on where to go this summer, a mystery call is trying to be placed, Bush trails Dukakis by 15 points, the possibility of a cure for AIDS, Eric grew up in Jamaica, an annoying custom in Hawaii, why people don't live in Antarctica, Eric went to Baffin Island last year, how air conditioners cause damage to the environment, the shortsightedness of mankind, the Shoreham sirens were supposed to be tested this week, Soviet history exams are canceled because the curriculum is found to be wrong, "Moscow Mailbag" is becoming a feature of the show, the dramatic change in Soviet policy, the air conditioning never works in the studio, "Moscow Mailbag," the news in brief from Radio Moscow, more music from "Powaqqatsi," occasional bursts of static, Joe Evangelista is in the studio, calling the old phone number for the radio station, a massive march and rally in New York City, Joe's reaction to the changes in the Soviet Union, how the Chinese have fallen from superpower status, debating whether Radio Liberty and Radio Free America are run by the CIA, Joe cites examples of Soviet oppression, how real change will be measured, the limited travel opportunities in the Soviet Union, a caller describes her experiences in the Soviet Union, conditions in Poland, life in New York City, comparisons between the city and Long Island, helping a mystery caller, a call from Bowery Boy Huntz Hall's kid, what it was like growing up in a show business household, how bad comedy is defined, Brother Bill.

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Jun. 11
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- 06 / 18 / 88 -

"Stardate," Jim Wiener is in the studio, censorship is the subject tonight, the story of Jello Biafra, an appeal for help in finding the Jello Biafra record, the fight against censorship that Biafra and Frank Zappa have been involved in, the threat of devil worshipping, obscenity, and sex in today's music, a review of a PMRC video, Andrew Goldberger's musical tastes, what's been going on with today's kids, the controversy surrounding the latest Prince album, a devil worshipping ring in Northport, a caller talks about the inaccuracies among the various supporters of the PMRC movement, Eric calls Freedom Village to get a cassette about the evils of rock music, Chris Crowley is helping to find the Jello Biafra record, the controversy surrounding 900 numbers, some of the outrageous phone bills that are being received, what God says about rock music, disparaging remarks about John Lennon, an episode of "WKRP In Cincinnati" that addresses the issue, the trouble that bands are having entering the United States, what people watch on television, how long it takes to find guns on television, a call from a WUSB gathering, a call from Rose Imperato, interpreting FCC rulings, Howard Stern's effect on the controversy, new television shows that push the limit, Eric comes up with the idea to substitute new words for the forbidden ones, Jim comes up with hypothetical situations, how Reagan's actions are uniting the left, waiting for an interesting decade, what people can do, Bob Longman is filling in for the Brothers this week.

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Jun. 18
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- 06 / 25 / 88 -

Valerie Jean, "Stardate," The Dead Kennedys, the effect noncommercial radio has had on alternative music, Jello Biafra, WUSB program director Pete Kang and Rob Franza are the guests this week, some of the measures WUSB has to resort to in order to comply with FCC regulations on decency, the story of how WBAI was donated, why commercial stations can get away with more, Andrew Goldberger is going to summer camp, people at WUSB don't get paid, an indecency fine is imposed on a television station for airing "Private Lessons," how Bugs Bunny is an anarchist, ways of getting around indecency requirements, names of FCC commissioners, how Channel 13 seems to be getting around indecency requirements, a letter from Steve Van Zandt on a Fox broadcast about Nelson Mandela was edited to eliminate references to apartheid, newspapers are able to print indecent words, Rich Koch calls in with some facts about the station and radio in general, Refuse and Resist PSA, how censorship progresses, a call from WUSB news director Nancy Stewart, how the Associated Press is heard at nearly every radio station in the country.

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Jun. 25
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